Central West Business Summit

The Central West Business Summit grew out of an idea to bring prevalent regional business issues together. Event organisers, Adloyalty and PulseHR, worked with businesses throughout the Central West to execute business strategies that set solid foundations for sustainable growth.

Shared issues and pressure points for the region’s businesses were identified. The goal was to ensure the development of confident businesses that achieve growth targets, employ more people and therefore contribute to the economic vibrancy of our communities. The challenge was to think bigger, and act bigger.

The inaugural event was held in 2015 with a view to continue the event on an annual basis to promote growth, development and the sharing of ideas within Regional NSW, and in particular, the Central West.

Event interest, participation and industry spread was realised with a total of 158 attendees, representing 93 individual businesses across 17 industry sectors attending the day.


  • Event planning and development.
  • Promotion via local and regional media including TV, radio and print media campaigns, and telemarketing.
  • E-marketing utilising Mailchimp, and Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+ and Blogger.
  • Media Liaison.
  • Event measurement and review.


  • An ongoing annual event that provides access for participants to renowned business experts and speakers.
  • Ability to network with complimentary business and potential clients.
  • The sharing of ideas and knowledge.
  • Provision of a forum to think about business and opportunities as a community.
  • An opportunity for businesses to canvas their current challenges.






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